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  • Krita MiniSprint 2019

    2 November 2019 by

    Five days of Krita MiniSprint 2019 – with ramblings about food, HDR, photos of Deventer and more food ramblings.

  • Coronavirus in Poland: report 25.03.2020

    29 March 2020 by

    Raport from coronavirus pandemic, Poland, March 25th, 2020.

  • The Witcher Netflix series: review part 1

    10 January 2020 by

    A very long and rambly review of the Witcher Netflix series (plus a few notes on other items of the franchise). marked part 1 since I don’t even talk about the plot too much, just characters…

  • Lost novels

    3 December 2019 by

    Plots of some books I don’t remember titles of and I really would like to know.

  • How is User Support in Krita organized?

    20 November 2019 by

    Current situation Some of our users seem to don’t really know how Krita (as a project) functions or not understand how User Support is done (User Support: helping users, solving their problems with Krita, hardware, use-cases, limitations of tools, misunderstanding on how some features work). That’s natural – nobody knows details before they get inside… Read more

  • LUT baking of HDR images in Krita 4.2.x

    10 November 2019 by

    By default, converting HDR to SDR images simply don’t work. This post will tell you how to work around this by smart usage of color spaces and adjustment curves.

  • Polish gingerbread cookies (pierniczki)

    11 October 2019 by

    Kasia from Glinianka’s recipe My favorite recipe for Christmas gingerbread cookies, of course valid and tasty outside of the holidays season, too. Ingredients 500g of universal flour200g honey200g powdered sugar120g butter1 egg1 teaspoon of baking powder1 teaspoon of cocoa powder1 package of gingerbread spices (7g of spices, 33g of cane sugar; spices are: allspice, clove,… Read more

  • Introduction

    7 October 2019 by

    Programming, art, food. Not necessarily in this order.

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